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Applications for the 2024 Women in Construction Technical Development Program are now open

ProQM is proud to be announcing the return of our mentorship program for women in construction, now rebranded as the Women in Construction Technical Development Program.

Aimed at supporting women who are early in their construction careers, this 8-week small-group development program accepts three enthusiastic candidates per intake, working with the trainees to provide them with the technical experience and knowledge in supply chain quality, steel, concrete and coatings, that they need to advance in their careers, and which they are unlikely to be exposed to in their day-to-day roles.

Through practical immersion in our inspection processes via 6 days on site and in the office with the ProQM team, we will engage with the candidates to build their technical knowledge and develop the confidence required to successfully apply these on site. Additionally, we’ll facilitate connections with subject matter experts and suppliers, empowering participants to advance their careers with a strong network.

The 8-week program will consist of 6 allocated contact days, as well as an additional free day that is open to the candidates to use as they require during their time as a trainee.

05/08: Day 1
Orientation and part one of introduction to the fundamentals of inspection and supply chain quality
06/08: Day 2
Part two of introduction to the fundamentals of inspection and supply chain quality
27/08: Day 3
Steel inspection
28/08: Day 4
Concrete inspection
29/08: Day 5
Coatings inspection
16/09: Day 6
Quality assurance documents
Break up and presentation


To be considered for our mentorship, you must:

  1. Currently hold either an engineering role or a quality assurance role on a Victorian construction project.
  2. Possess the required qualifications and training for your relevant field, including a construction induction (white card).
  3. Be available for all of the allocated contact days. Please only apply for the program if you are able to attend all program dates provided above.

If your application is successful and you find yourself unable to attend one of the program days due to illness or other unforeseen matters, you will be required to provide a certificate where applicable. The day missed will be made up in the following program, and attendance will be required to successfully complete the program.

Repeated absenteeism will result in placement in the program being terminated. 

Applications are open now!

ProQM focus on servicing our clients by representing them at their nominated suppliers facility, for various inspections and surveillance activities. ProQM is NATA accredited to ISO/IEC 17020, and will provide all our clients with NATA accredited reports for all services we offer.

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